COVID-19: Unemployment, Investments, and Insurance

Coronavirus has effected nearly all Americans and people worldwide. Unemployment rates have skyrocketed, investments have depreciated, and healthcare has become harder to access. Economic downturns happen (regardless of why). In times like these, the importance of strategic financial planning is clear.

Here is a practical 3-step guide to help financially protect yourself and loved ones from a volatile market and unforeseen expenses.

Economic Recession
Independent Protection with Private Insurance
Step #1

Independent Protection

Hope for the best and have a plan for the worst. With unemployment rates reaching historic numbers, many don't realize that they no longer have employer issued insurance. We suggest getting insurance privately so your protection isn't dependent upon your employer. The right life insurance policy can provide your loved ones with enough money to pay off debts and ensure they're financially stable if anything happens to you. It can also pay for retirement and unforeseen expenses.

See how affordable it can be to protect your loved ones and plan for your financial future. Premiums from $5/mo.

Step #2

Strategic Budgeting

Work with a licensed Financial Advisor to craft a budget and strategy for paying off or down high interest debt (credit cards, payday loans, etc.)  based on your specific financial situation. This process should also include a strategic saving plan to ensure you have money put away for unforeseen expenses and changes in the market.

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Strategic Bugeting with Financial Advisor
Wealth Manager Illustration
Step #3

Retirement and Estate Planning

The time to start planning for retirement is NOW. Work directly with an experienced, licensed Wealth Advisor to develop a plan for building and maintaining wealth into retirement and beyond.

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