Estate Planning

It's never too soon to put a plan in place for expanding your impact.
Our estate planning process is systematic, strategic, and customized based on your unique situation and goals.

You'll work directly with a licensed Wealth Advisor to set goals, develop a strategy, and execute. We have a close knit group of seasoned attorneys to assist in each aspect of estate planning including trusts, wills, and premium financed life insurance.

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Step #1

Hedge Your Bet

The right life insurance policy can provide loved ones with enough money to pay off debts and ensure they're financially stable if anything happens to you. These programs can also provide supplemental income when the need arises.

See how affordable it can be to protect your loved ones, your home and plan for your financial future. Premiums from $5/mo.

Step #2

Develop an Estate Plan

Work directly with a licensed Wealth Advisor and seasoned attorneys to set goals and develop a strategy to reduce high interest debt, build wealth and increase impact.

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Performance Monitoring (CC)
Step #3


Work directly with an experienced, licensed Wealth Advisor to execute and continuously improve your personal estate plan. Your personal Wealth Advisor will be available for calls and questions to keep you accountable.

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