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One of the most responsible and selfless decisions you'll ever make. Maintaining the right life insurance policy can help pay for many unforeseen expenses. Our goal is to help you ensure the financial stability of loved ones when you pass and take care of you while living.

Most people (including agents) don't understand the full capabilities of life insurance and end up with inadequate coverage for their needs. Our team of professionals are experts at pairing clients with the appropriate policy and coverage.

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Popular Life Insurance Types


Term life

This policy protects for a set amount of time (aka term) then expires.

  • Typically the cheapest option ($25-35/mo)
  • When term expires, another policy will need to be purchased at a higher rate


  • It’s cheap
  • It will pay your loved ones if you pass


  • Money cannot be used personally
  • It expires and your new rate will be higher
  • Policies last a maximum of 30 years
  • No tax differed cash value when term ends


Whole life

This policy does not expire and can gain cash value which you can pull from.

  • Typically 5-15x more than term life
  • Cash value is tax differed and has a guaranteed rate of return


  • It will pay your loved ones if you pass
  • Pay the same premium for life
  • Gain tax differed cash value which you can use for personal expenses
  • Your cash value has a guaranteed rate of return


  • Its more expensive than term life


indexed Universal Life

This is a policy that does not expire and gains cash value by investing.

  • Rates vary, similar to whole life
  • Cash value is tax differed and has a guaranteed rate of return
  • Funds can be payed to you personally if you have a Chronic or Terminal Illness.


  • It will pay your loved ones if you pass
  • Gain tax differed cash value which you can use for personal expenses
  • Cash value grows with the stock market  and can be protected against risk
  • You can decide to change the death benefit and premium


  • Its more expensive than term life

Other Types of Life Insurance

Declining Balance Term

Declining balance term insurance is a variation of term life insurance. It can be used as mortgage insurance since it can be written to match the amortization of your mortgage principal. The premium remains constant for the term and the face value steadily declines. When the mortgage is paid off, the insurance is no longer needed and the policy expires. Unlike other policies, term life insurance has no cash value.

Variable Life

Variable life insurance provides fixed premiums and control over the policy’s cash value. The cash value is invested in your choice of stock, bond, or money market. The cash value and death benefit can fluctuate based on the performance of your investment choices. Capital gains and other investment earnings are tax deferred as long as the funds remain invested in the insurance contract.

Universal Variable Life

Universal variable life insurance is the most aggressive type of life insurance. Much like with variable life, you decide the investments, but there are no guarantees on this policy beyond the original face value of the death benefit.

Universal Life

Universal life insurance is much like whole life, but also has potential earnings on the savings component. These policies have flexible premiums and face value. The premium can be increased, decreased or deferred, and cash values can be withdrawn. The face values can also be changed.

Buying Life Insurance in 6 Steps

The entire process typically takes a few weeks to complete.


Choose a policy

Work with our team to find the right policy and coverage for your unique situation


Fill out application

You can fill out the application online or we can have a licensed expert help 


Free medical exam

Life insurance medical exams are comparable to a basic physical. Exams are free and a technician will come to your home or workplace on your schedule.


Phone Interview

An insurance agent will ask you a few simple lifestyle and health questions.


Wait for approval

An underwriter will use all the collected info to decide on a final premium rate, which should be similar to the quotes you received.


Sign your policy

Once you sign your policy and make the first payment, your life insurance is active!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most affordable life insurance option?

Term life insurance is the cheapest option for most people, but doesn’t have the same benefits as other policies. Make sure you’re choosing a policy based on your particular health details and financial situation.

Is life insurance through my job enough?

Group coverage is a popular employee benefit but often falls short for two reasons: It limits your coverage amount, and it isn’t transferable if you switch jobs (or are let go). A private insurance policy allows you to customize your coverage and remain covered as long as you need it.

Already have group life insurance? Let us help you find the right supplemental policy.